I Did It With My PDP

Pneu-Dart Products give me versatility and the quality I can do repeatedly and reliably each and

every time. I know each time I pick that rifle up if I need to go out and do a job

with it, I can get it done.


Initially I bought it for treating yearlings out on grass. It saved from

having to set up corrals. A big savings in time - Absolutely!


The Pneu-Dart Products definitely eliminate stress.

Anytime you run any animal around and try to get em'

in the corrals, squeeze them down, your providing

more stress where with this product you can go out

there and administer the top-notch antibiotic onsight.

Dart him, he moves about 15 feet, not sure what it

was - could have been a horsefly - then he goes

right back to doing his business. You don't have to

run him 300 or 400 yards across the pasture while

he already has respiratory problems… this is a low

stress way of administering those antibiotics in

the right setting.


Mesa, WA
PDP User: 5 years